The workshop of arranges its production, generating wood from the surrounding mountains and straw from the lagoon. The apprentices of the workshop are turned over with coloring the straw, colored with natural pigments. The devices are a couple of, most of the work is still done by hand and it is primarily ladies who look after weaving the seats and putting the ending up discuss the chairs. broadens its variety with total providing services: chairs, tables, furniture, beds, couches, providing and ornamental devices.

Wood is not the only product by which determines its occupation to development, the business now likewise starts to operate in metal, plastic, leather and glass.

The Stores is the supreme expression of furniture variety; it is constantly situated in tactical transit locations in huge cities. It provides all the thematic locations anticipated by exhibit idea, with their relative item classifications. The shops are classy, contemporary areas, created and produced to reveal the viewpoint of Italian Smart Style: style items that are not just gorgeous and artfully crafted, however likewise ergonomic, flexible, created to streamline daily life.